Drawings of the body

Architecture and the Body

An online drawing course with artists Anna Brass and Paul Patrick Fenner

Please note: This course is now completed, but you are welcome to enjoy the online tutorial videos.

Are you between 12 and 18? Love to draw? Want ideas and prompts from professional artists? This four-week course will show you amazing images made by connecting buildings and bodies. You’ll get practical guidance on how to explore buildings and bodies through your own drawings: a great way to stay inspired during social distancing.

There are four parts to each session:

– Watch the short film on this page

– Follow the instructions on the film to make two or more drawings – email your drawings to us at sainsburycentrelearning@uea.ac.uk

– Join a weekly group video chat with the artists for feedback on everyone’s drawings. (We’ll send your parent/carer a link when they sign you up)

Video Sessions: Every Thursday from 25 June to 16 July 2020. Log in at 3pm for a 3.15pm start.

Further notes for parents and carers

Session 1: Inside and Outside

A short film with images and drawing instructions: exploring your home from the inside out.

Session 2: The Body as Labyrinth

A short film with images and drawing instructions: translating the intertwining systems inside the body into architectural forms.

Session 3: The Cosmic Body

A short film with images and drawing instructions: imagining the internet as a mind and the physical stuff that sustains it as a body.

Session 4: Body/Building

A short film with images and drawing instructions; looking at how bodies can merge with buildings.